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Well hello again. Nice to catch up after a two week hiatus. I don’t know if it’s all the pre-season football that has me derailed, or my Fantasy Football lineup, but I have to say I picked the worst time to put my Southsiders on the back burner.

But maybe I’m doing something right. I stop watching the White Sox (54-75) for a week and they go for 8 wins in the last 9 games. I can’t say I remember that happening at all this season.

However, I can say I tuned in at the right time. The Texas Rangers (75-55) came to town this past weekend, and with them some old friends: A.J. Pierzynski, Neal Cotts, and Alex Rios. Always love when A.J. comes to town, but how do you think Alex Rios felt losing 2 of 3 games to his ex? And to top things off, they’re actually doing better without him around. I wonder if baseball players have the same feelings as a recently-dumped sixteen year old girl in these situations. . . Probably not. Okay moving on.

And who could forget Mark Parent’s pre-game ejection? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone get thrown at the home plate lineup exchange, but the fans were loving it. This of course was a continuation from the night before when Robin Ventura was tossed after rallying against a questionable call that cost them some runs. There haven’t been a large number of huge ejections this year (think back to Ventura’s sassy roll from the 2012 season), so that’s always fun.

So hey, look at our guys! Winning 8 of the last 9 games, and doing it with style. Solid hitting up and down the lineup, notable pitching, and Alexei Ramirez looks like he’s got it back together defensively. It’s good to see some life back in the team (and some fans back in the stands). Even though many critics will say their recent wins won’t help them get top trades later on, you gotta look at the positives here– we’re winning games for once.

Also gotta say that Avisail Garcia is growing on me. The trade upfront (you take Peavy, we get Garcia) seemed a lot like a rip off. But he’s been a solid part of hitting rallies, and his fielding decorum will develop with time. And of course I’m still a Phegley fan, say what you will. Sometimes when he’s at bat, the jumbotron reads “Phegley Phever” and shows a picture of him with a strange mullet. The crowd goes wild and it’s the oddest thing, but I love it.

The Houston Astros (43-86) come to town tonight for a three-game stint, and the White Sox look to keep the streak alive. But then again, now that I’m paying attention again, they probably won’t. Just my luck I guess.

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