Chicago Cubs Working on a Contract Extension with Travis Wood

According to Tom Loxas, the Chicago Cubs have begun contract extension talks with starting pitcher Travis Wood. The negotiations are in the earlier stages, but both sides are expected to hammer out a deal at some point in the off-season.

Wood has been a surprise this season and a player the Cubs would like to have in their future plans. Wood is only 26-years old and hasn’t entered his prime yet. His age fits perfectly into the Cubs plan. Wood is no ace, but could be a #2 at best and a #3 at the least. Wood still has 2 more starts for the season, but Wood’s stats as of today are … 9-11 with a 3.05 earn run average in 192 innings pitched and 30 games. Wood has also struck out 136 batters and walked 61 batters.

Wood was named to his 1st all-star this year and was well-deserved. Yes, every team has to have an all-star and even on a losing team, Wood had great stats to make the team. However, Wood did not pitch in the all-star game.

Going into this season, Wood had to battle for a rotation spot. He obvious won a spot and showed his improvement from last year. If the Cubs do not sign a pitcher in the off-season of whom does not have ace potential, Wood could start March 31st at Pittsburgh.

Tom Loxas also mentioned that if the Cubs do sign Wood to an extension, there may be no money for a Jeff Samardzija extension. I would much rather have Wood on the team over Samardzija and would be fine with this move. The Cubs will shop Samardzija in the off-season and if they get a good package for Samardzija; Samardzija will be wearing a different uniform next season.

Wood will have a new contract going into next season and we could see a done deal sooner than later in the off-season. The extension is likely to be a team friendly deal.

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