Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names for the 2013-2014 Season

It’s about that time NBA fans! Fantasy Basketball is right around the corner and you might be scrapping for a clever team name to show off to your league. Fear no more, we here at have you covered.

Every season we put out our Funny Fantasy Football Team Names and this season we have included Basketball. Feel free to post your funny names in the comments section below!

Now let’s get to this years list..



Better Call Gasol



Breaking Bad fans will love this. Of course if you have ever seen an episode of Breaking Bad you know the slogan, “Better call Gasol”. Use this little switch to humor your league courtesy of Pau Gasol.

Rose Before Hoes


Bros before Hoes takes on a new meaning with a twist from the Chicago point guard. Remember, it’s always Rose before Hoes.


Ben McLemore & Ryan Lewis



What what what…what…what what. You know the catchy jingle from music artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Add in NBA first round pick Ben McLemore from Kansas University and you have a great fantasy team name.

2 Gasols, 1 Cup



One of my all-time favorite names. This game gives us a spinoff from the gross video that hit the web a few years ago. Just look at their faces.

Kemba Walker, Texas Ranger


Oh Kemba. You’ll probably never be as great as Chuck Norris, but it’s a start.



A few years ago TBJ Podcast gave us a gem of a video featuring the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh. It was all history after that. LIKE A BOSH.

Harden the Interruption


This season Michael Wilbon get’s a new co-anchor. James Harden of the Houston Rockets puts his beard and twist into PTI.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


Chicago sports.

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