The Chicago Bulls have not been playing good all year and are a long-shot from beating the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat to march into the championship game. With Derrick Rose out for the remainder of the season; the Bulls should blow it up. Even with Rose, the Bulls are not a championship team. Right now is the best time to start over. The 2014 NBA draft class has a lot more talent that in recent year and the Bulls should try and draft highly-touted players. Also, the 2014 free agency class has high-tier players and with the Bulls shedding contracts, they could easily sign good free agents. By the Bulls drafting good players and signing good free agents, the Bulls can compete next year and compile a championship team.

Players I would keep are Derrick Rose (obvious), Jimmy Butler, Marquis Teague, Tony Snell and Eric Murphy. I’m still high on Teague and if he gets regular playing time, I think he will shine. I am a huge Butler fan and should be on this team for a long time. Snell and Murphy haven’t played, so there’s no reason for them not to be on the team next year.

The Bulls also have the rights to Nikola Mirotic of who is overseas. There is a great chance he will come over and be on the Bulls roster next year. He is completing tearing up the league overseas and is ready for the NBA life. The Bulls and Mirotic would have to work out a contract, however. But both sides will and he’ll ultimately take Carlos Boozer’s spot on the roster.

If I am Gar Forman and John Paxton, everyone is in play besides the players I mentioned above. But just don’t give them away for nothing and get value back (depending on player).

Luol Deng: Deng is in his last year of his contract and could walk after the year. I have the feeling that the Bulls won’t re-sign Deng and he’ll be on another team come next year. Instead of letting Deng walk for nothing, the Bulls would be smart to get a return for him. If the Bulls try to trade him as soon as possible, they could get a better return. The Bulls will hope to get a draft pick in return (1st) or a young player. The Bulls could also take an expiring contract in return as well to fit the money exchange.

Joakim Noah: Noah being dealt is a long-shot, but if a tam offers 1st round picks and/or young players in return, I would definitely think of trading him. The 1st round picks would have to be higher in the draft and not late draft picks. But the chances of Noah being dealt are slim-to-none.

Carlos Boozer: The Bulls will shop Boozer, but will any team trade for him? The Bulls probably won’t get a 1st round pick for him. but expiring contracts in exchange for him. If the Bulls aren’t offered expiring contracts and players that are on contract for next season, don’t trade him! Unless they are young player of whom can help the Bulls win games and help the future. If Boozer stays the whole season, he’ll like be amnesty in the off-season. Then Boozer’s contract won’t be on the salary cap for next season.

Taj Gibson: I’m a big Gibson fan and if you can’t get a 1st round pick or younger upcoming players, you don’t trade Gibson. Plain and simple! He’s a great defender, rebounder and his offense has improved a lot.

Mike Dunleavy Jr.: Dunleavy has been a huge disappointment and another lame-duck signing by Forman/Paxton.  Dunleavy has made shots, but he can’t make shots when the Bulls are trying to come back or to take the lead. That is a shooter the Bulls need and he’s not one. I didn’t get the signing at first and still don’t. The Bulls won’t get anything of value back for him and I would just be happy for the Bulls to get his contract off the books for next season. The Bulls have to stop signing these average players and try to make moves for bigger names.

Kirk Hinrich: Hinrich is a free agent after the season and I don’t know if he’ll return. If I’m the Bulls, I would potentially let him walk if he won’t take the minimum deal. He’s a backup, but that’s all. I do think a team will have interest in him and he could be traded.

Other players Mike James and Nazr Mohammad won’t get anything in a trade and no team will have interest in either player, so there’s not point to mention them as a player of whom should be shopped.

The Bulls could very well have another 1st round pick from the Charlotte Bobcats. If the season ended today, the Bulls will have the Bobcats 1st round pick. The Bobcats are in the playoffs as of now and the 1st round pick is protected-10. As the Bulls will get the pick if the Bobcats pick number 11 and higher.

If the Bulls are able to shed salary and pick up draft picks, we could see a great team next year. But again, we’re talking about the Bulls front office and their not big on making big moves. In reality, the Bulls don’t want to win and bring a championship back to Chicago.

If you were Mr. Forman and Mr. Paxton, what would you do with the current Bulls team?

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  1. Yeah, that’s true. But this is how I see, if the Bulls are not going to win a championship (which they won’t), why make the playoffs and lose 1st round. While you could have got younger players and/or draft picks to make your team better next year.

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