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As all of our inboxes have been flooded with overpriced White Sox 2014 game plan emails (we should all get free tickets after sitting through last season..), Rick Hahn and the White Sox have been figuring things out for the Southsiders’ 2014 run.


Everything else they’ve announced so far hadn’t been too noteworthy—renewing contracts of team staples like Beckham and De Aza, no contract for Dylan Axelrod, giving Tyler Flowers “another chance”.. but today’s the first time I actually paid attention.


Paul Konerko has been signed on for his 16th, and what he claims is his final, season with the White Sox.


I have mixed feelings on this.


I think that Paul Konerko is one of the best things to ever happen to the White Sox, so another year sounds great to me. And I really don’t think he’d stick around just for the perks of “a Konerko goodbye tour” (I mean, what even constitutes as a goodbye tour these days? Cher’s had about 8 of them and she’s still goin’ strong). Paulywood must believe he’s still got some game left, or I think he would have just retired with style when he had the chance. He’s not the type of player that’s in it for one last shot of fame. He’s already been there and back.


But on the flipside, a $2.5 million contract sounds like a goodbye tour. And we’ve got Dunn and Abreu to worry about—if Pauly is back at first, what exactly do we do with the others? Adam Dunn is signed for $15 million next season, and Abreu is on a six-year $68 million contract. But I guess I won’t worry myself with that; there are guys who get paid lots of moolah to make those decisions.


And it’s hard to imagine after last season that Konerko really has another year left in him. It wasn’t particularly his best batting year, there were some injuries, and by the end of the season he was only playing half-games.


But I’m optimistic (the flaw of any Chicago baseball fan—Northside or Southside). Konerko could have retired and instantly become a coach—Jim Thome style—because of his legendary Southside career, so he could have stayed in the program without playing. But he’s back on the field, and maybe that’s a good enough reason to go ahead and buy overpriced season tickets (anyone remember when the 14-game plan was still “The Ozzie Plan”? Good times).


I’ll be interested to see more press roll in on the subject since this just happened this morning. What do you think—is this a good or bad move for the White Sox? Do you think Paulywood has one more year left in him?

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  1. I’m torn on this too yet for the overall good of the team and organization, I lean towards Paulie hanging ’em up. I get he’s earned the right to sort of go out on his own terms and I don’t give a damn what Dunn’s being paid – an injured or perhaps semi-washed up Konerko is better. We’ll wait and see of course. I hope PK hits .300 with 20+ HRs and goes out with a bang. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it happening that way.

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