The latest Melo to Chicago Rumor

Here we go again; Melo to the Bulls talk continues to swirl around the NBA and Twitter. The latest rumor, as reported by, has Melo landing in Chicago along with Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert. In return the Knicks will reportedly receive Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell, Jimmy Butler, and likely a first round pick as well.

This could be beneficial for both teams involved.

The Knicks would be basically hitting the restart button and go into rebuilding mode until the 2015/16 season in which they’ll have plenty of money to work with to pair with the young players and pick they’ll receive. Hinrich will be off their books next season, Boozers contract is expiring in 2014/15 and Butlers and Snell are both on rookie contracts.

Lets face it Knick fans, this whole Melo thing hasn’t exactly worked out for ya. So why would it would work out for Chicago you ask?

As I’ve repeatedly said on Bulls Zone podcast, in my opinion, I think playing next to a dominate point guard who demands the ball in his hands and a demanding head coach who’s not afraid to bench or scream (even when his voice is gone) at a superstar will change the way Melo plays for the better.

The offense has to continue to run through Rose and Melo has to be ok with that. Melo also must actively devote himself to playing defense. He’s not a horrible defender, hell, I think he’s an above average defender honestly, but he has to give 100 percent to play for coach Thibs.

However, this move will put the Bulls back in the luxury tax, something they’ve worked hard at to get out of. But maybe they can get creative and find a way to leave Felton out of the deal and take Udrih or if not, does it matter? The Bulls will have their second sought after superstar and in the words of Boozer, “That’s all that matters yo”.

The most important question remains, will Melo be able to get past the no headband rule the organization has?

One thought on “The latest Melo to Chicago Rumor

  • February 10, 2014 at 11:03 PM

    This is pure fantasy. Melo is not coming to Chicago. His wife likes New York or would go to LA and not Chicago so if this happens I would be the first to admit I was wrong, but Melo will be in New York or LA for the rest of the season and years to come.

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