Bulls Zone 39- More Melo Drama?

bz100We break down the Melo to Chicago rumor and put a stop to the madness. Also, give first half recap to the Bulls season. Discuss the Taj vs Boozer debate and who really should be starting as well as a Nikola Mirotic Q & A article written by Bulls Zone’s own Will Miller.

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One thought on “Bulls Zone 39- More Melo Drama?

  • February 24, 2014 at 3:27 AM

    Why don’t the Bulls just give the Timberwolves all of their daft picks for next years draft and get Love? I mean come on, put Love in the middle, move Noah over to strong forward, put the kid Buttler at the other forward spot, trade Boozer for some much needed back court help along with a healthy Rose and now you have something. Let them finish the year playing together and next year they will be dominate. They built this team around Rose and it almost worked. Just dumb luck he got injured. So now they are stuck with a good team but never a great team. Adding Love would take so much pressure off of Rose who lets face it, will never be the same again but would be a great back court player with help and Love would pick up the scoring slack. Draft picks are for rebuilding. The Bulls have already done that. They don’t need a low draft pick. They need a stud to take Rose’s roll. One player (Love) and the Bulls would be back to their glory days.

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