It’s only been a few years since the NFL has allowed fans to view the combine in person. Previously, you could only catch the combine on NFL Network or

I was lucky enough to be selected through a special program with Bridgestone to attend the combine in Indianapolis. It’s an event any NFL fan would love and gives you a look at the talent coming into the league.

Four buses made the trip from various NFL cities to Indy, including Chicago, Green Bay, Tennessee and Cincinnati. Each bus also featured a current or former player from the respected team.

The Bears bus featured former defensive lineman Anthony Adams who provided a good time for Bears fans traveling on the bus as you can see via his Twitter account.

As the weekend kicked off from Halas Hall, a special party on Saturday night got things going. Former NFL players and even Bears CEO George McCaskey attended the event in downtown Indianapolis. The event was very well organized and put together.

The real fun came Sunday.

Not only were fans selected by Bridgestone allowed to attend, but close to 100 fans from all over the country could attend. An early start to the day featured a breakfast at Lucas Oil Stadium and a small presentation from Bridgestone.

Then the fans got to enjoy the show. Although due to strict NFL rules on photography and noise, fans still got a great experience from the stands as they watched the future pros audition in front of several NFL teams.

I was lucky enough to view some of the best athletes in the draft at the quarterback and wide receiver position which included some blazing fast times at the 40-yard dash. The wide receiver ‘hands’ drills is certainly something exciting to watch.

Overall the experience was great and I highly recommend going if you get the chance. Thank you to Bridgestone, 1iota and the NFL for a great time!

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