Last weekend could have gone better for new Chicago Bears wide receiver Josh Morgan. A recent free agent signing from the Redskins, Morgan was added to the roster to compete for a #3 position behind Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

Outside of a Washington D.C nightclub in the small hours of Sunday morning Morgan got into an altercation with another man resulting in his his arrest. For his side Morgan denies having anything to do with the man and that he “Did not touch him” and also that he is “Not worried about nothing”.

It does seem slightly out of character for the seven year veteran wide receiver who has been known to to be well liked and even received the Redskins man of the year award in 2013.  Morgan entered the league in 2008 playing for the San Francisco 49ers for four years before spending the last two in his hometown of Washington D.C.

A mostly backup wide receiver, Morgan has achieved very nearly 2,500 yards in his seven year career and 11 touchdowns. This offseason he will be battling Marquess Wilson for the #3 spot at wide reciever for the Bears.

As always with these offseason shenanigans only time will tell how the case will play out but some of you might remember a certain Brandon Marshall had some remarkably similar troubles before starting his career with the Bears only to have his name cleared later. Hopefully we’ll know what happened before Josh Morgan Day on June 20th (According to the D.C city council) so we will know whether we should observe or not.


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