Patrick Finley at the Chicago Sun-Times quotes head coach Marc Trestman on the entrance of cornerback Kyle Fuller into the locker room:

“Fuller said he’s looking forward to meeting the team’s veterans in the coming weeks. He had heard from [TimJennings but not [CharlesTillman.

“’I think we have a very welcoming locker room,’ coach Marc Trestman said. ‘The guys in our locker room know that we won’t be the same team tomorrow…”

“’I’m sure the guys who have been in our locker room will be very welcoming to the guys and get them in a position and show them the way, show them how we do things here.’”

I’m not so sure how “welcoming” Tillman is going to be.  Everyone else might consider it to be a foregone conclusion that Fuller will eventually replace him on the roster but I doubt very much that he sees the Bears having locker room in 2015 without him.  Nickel back or not I’m sure he sees Fuller as the competition and he’s not going to fade into retirement without a fight.

0 thoughts on “How “Welcome” Will Fuller Be?”

  1. You get paid to write shit like this? First of all, his name is Kyle Fuller. You lost all credibility with not even getting our first round pick’s name right. Second, how do you know what Tillman is thinking? Terrible write up

  2. I caught the typo earlier and changed. it. Sorry about that. I guess I still had “Patrick Finley” on my mind.

    I believe a careful read of the post will indicate that at no time did I claim to “know” what Tillman is thinking.

    I’m not imply that Tillman will do anything inappropriate. But I remember a year or two ago when Dan Pompei characterized Tillman as “aging”. Without going into detail, Tillman didn’t react well. Let’s just say he’s probably a bit more sensitive than most to the idea.

    By the way, lest anyone get the wrong idea, I’m not implying that Tillman is a bad guy. I would hardly blame him for not “welcoming” his replacement. Putting myself in the position these veterans are in, I’m amazed that they react as well as they reportedly do.

    Oh. And no, I don’t get paid.

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