IMG_1970If yesterday’s practice was labeled slow paced compared to previous days then today’s was glacial. Trestman does nothing haphazard and today’s practice was slow by design to ensure the players are ready for Friday’s first preseason game against the Eagles.

There were limited plays in pads with first, second, and third strings getting about 8 plays in each. The standout of first team was the blocking of the wide receivers. Eric Weems and Josh Morgan did a great job of trapping and sealing the edge on a nice end run by Matt Forte. Martellus Bennett’s presence was missed as Donte Rosario’s inconsistencies seem to haunt him and the Bears offense. His blocking sis a liability and he is dropping too many catchable balls. He needs to step it up as Zach Miller is looking better as a receiver and his blocking is far superior.

Special teams was on parade and Robbie “good as” Gould put on an accuracy clinic this morning. He was drilling field goal after field goal right down the middle hitting the cherry picker arm dead center on several occasions. Patrick O’Donnell continues to show why he was drafted in the 6th round with great distance in his punts and awesome hang time. The kick and punt return positions are wide open and will be determined by performance in the preseason.


The defensive front seven was solid in play today. They continue to dominate the second and third string offensive line disrupting pass lanes and applying pressure. There has to be some concern on the Bears staff as to who will back up Jerman Bushrod at left tackle. Dennis Roland has looked good at right tackle and Michael Ola has looked good at the guard position but has struggled at left tackle handling speed rushes.

Another day of camp is in the books as there are still questions to be answered and slots open for competition. This Friday when the gloves come off and the lights go on, we will see just how good some of these players can be. Tomorrow is a closed day at the camp and look for my report and analysis of Fridays game late that night.

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