NU Football 14-15 preview part 3: The receiving core

The Northwestern Wildcats have been known in the last few seasons for putting points on the scoreboard in the Big Ten and Nation wide. The Wildcats are a offensive team like Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald likes to call it, they can beat you with the run or through the air and over the last two seasons even on the defensive end as they led in takeaways in 2012 and had a good amount of them in 2013. One aspect of the Wildcats offense has always seemed to have gone unnoticed, that aspect is their Widereceivers.

The Wildcats have probably the most depth at the wide receivers position as any team in the Big Ten, with WR’s like Tony Jones, Christian Jones, and 6’5 receiver Kyle Prater as names standing out the most. Also not to mention that All-American runningback and punt returner Venric Mark is very good at catching passes as well as superback Dan Vitale. Other names that the Wildcats have that are pretty good and you can see this season are receivers  Miles Shuler, who is a transfer from a team who is just joining the Big Ten in Rutgers and Cameron Dickerson and Pierre Youngblood-Ary. Northwestern has back majority of their receivers from the year prior by only losing Jensen and Rashad Lawrence

The amount of weapons that Northwestern QB Trevor Siemian has at his disposal is endless and now that the Wildcats is away from their 2-QB system they ranned the previous years with Kain Colter and Siemian the team will look more polished and in order next season as Siemian will be the only signal caller.

William Brooks

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