Baez makes debut at Wrigley Field

Fans lined up early outside of Wrigley Field this morning in anticipation of Chicago Cubs prospect Javy Baez’s Wrigley debut. Baez’s Cubs debut came on Tuesday and he started out with the game winning home run in the 12th inning. Yesterday in Colorado Baez went three-for-four with four RBI’s and two home runs.

In the bottom of the first the crowd came to their feet as Baez walked to the plate, even the TV broadcasters stopped talking so you could hear the Cubs public relations announcer introduce him to the crowd. Just watching it on TV, I got chills as he came to the plate. Everyone had their phones and camera’s out hoping for a debut home run in his first career at-bat at Wrigley.

He didn’t put it over the ivy but he did get a broken bat single. The crowd erupted once again, almost like the cubs had just won the game. Hopefully he enjoyed that moment because the rest of his day was one he probably hopes he can forget fast. “I was swinging at bad pitches,” Baez said after the game. “They didn’t throw many pitches over the plate.”

Baez is going to strike out a lot just because of how aggressive he is at the plate. After the Game manager Rick Renteria said, “It’s going to be a process that he gains experience from. He has to trust his skill. It’s easier to take someone that’s aggressive and tone them down than try to get someone to be more aggressive that’s passive. He’ll be fine.”

If the Cubs aren’t worried about the strikeouts either am I. This is the best thing that’s happened to the Cubs in a long time, and it just shows that the future is bright.


Beaz will be back in the lineup tomorrow at Wrigley, as the Cubs take on Jake Odorizzi and the Rays at 3:05 CT.

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