Post Preseason Game 1 Projected Depth Chart

Throughout the preseason I will be looking at an evolving depth chart based on performance and other factors. This depth chart will have commentary on key battles and what we have seen in the preseason.

QB: Cutler, Clausen [2]

-I think it is clear that Clauson has more talent than Palmer and has the arm strength advantage, which means you can call a similar game to Cutler. Palmer simply cannot execute any of the throws that Cutler can.

-Fales in my opinion is destined for the PR. There is too much talent in other areas of the team to keep a guy who will not play, will not be ready to step in.

RB: Forte, Carey, Ford, Fiammetta [4]

-The battle is for the 3rd RB spot, which means special teams, returns, and an ability to catch out of the back field or play short yardage reps. I think Ford having been here, being heavily involved in special teams, fumble aside, gives him the advantage in this battle.

WR: Marshall, Jeffery, Wilson, Morgan, Williams, Weems [6]

-Originally I felt that the Bears would keep 5 WRs, but the Wilson injury has forced that number to 6.

-Morgan should be the #3, Williams adds speed, special teams and an interesting dynamic, and Weems works hard and plays special teams.

TE: Bennett, Miller, Mulligan [3]

-Miller stepping up and flashing was a nice turn of events with the entire Bennett issue still lingering. At 6’5″ and showing nice hands he could fit the size and receiving threat that the Bears need.

-Rosario is mostly a receiver and the Bears do not have a heavy lifting, short yardage TE if they keep him. Mulligan is a heavy weight blocker and adds something that others do not.

OT: Bushrod, Mills, Leno [3]

-Leno for me flashed in the first preseason game. He has a nice disciplined set and long arms to steer the defender. I think he warrants being kept around and developed. Britton’s ability to play OT allows for the Bears to take a little time developing Leno as their swing tackle.

-I think the Bears have a better chance if slipping Ola onto the PR.

OG: Long, Slauson, Britton [3]

-Easiest position on the team to project. I like James Brown, but in 3 years he has not shown me enough to warrant more development over a guy like Leno.

C: Garza, De La Peunta [2]

-The injury could force Boggs onto the team, but until BDLP is on IR this is a pretty easy projections.

Offense: 23


DE: Allen, Houston, Young, Scott [4]

-Scott has looked great in camp by all reports, but he also really showed in the preseason game giving Jason Peters as much as he could handle in the preseason opener.

-Cornelius Washington is bad, I challenge anyone to point to something he does well other than look the part?

-David Bass flashed last season on a bad line, but has shown little to this point in camp.

DT: Ratlff, Paea, Ferguson, Sutton, Collins [5]

-The weakest position on the team last season that was exposed the depth. The depth has been improved and Ratliff and Paea looked very good in week 1 of the preseason.

-Collins seems to be rounding into shape and would provide even more depth.

LB: Briggs, Williams, Bostic, McClellin, Greene, Jones, Franklin [7]

-McClellin was not good in week 1 and my opinion of McClellin has been well expressed. I would cut him and keep someone who is not a soft project who has failed.

-Jones is intriguing because while McClellin and Bostic seem to shy away from blockers and to run away from them Jones seems to run through blockers and brings incredible size and power.

-Franklin is a special teams stud and I think is worth a look on defense at some point.

CB: Tillman, Jennings, Fuller, Hayden, McManis, Hurst [6]

-This might be the most talented position on the team. The only battle in my mind if for a potential 6th CB.

-Hurst had 8 tackles, 1 TFL and looked solid in coverage in the slot during the Preseason game. Hurst could be a very interesting developmental player at the NB spot moving into the post Tillman era.

S: Mundy, Vereen, Wilson, Conte, McCray [5]

-Conte is the wildcard as we have seen nothing from him and he could go anywhere from starting to off the team.

-McCray looked solid in the preseason game and would bring a nice size/speed combination to the special teams.

-Wilson is worth keeping because if it all goes to hell again, we can simply insert the veteran and hope to stop the bleeding.

Defense: 27


P: O’Donnell

-Way was shanking punts in preseason 1, but I keep him on the PR in case O’Donnell struggles or fails.

K: Gould

LS: Hairston

Specials: 3


Practice Squad

QB David Fales

RB Jordan Lynch

WR Josh Bellamy

DE David Bass

CB Al Louis-Jean

OT Michael Ola

OG Ryan Groy

P Tress Way



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