Ice Bucket Challenge Hits Chicago

If you’ve been on social media at all the last couple weeks, you’ve probably heard of the ice bucket challenge. Unlike some unnecessary trends (like setting yourself on fire with the fire challenge), this one is for a good cause and it’s especially fun to watch celebrities from all over participating in it. It’s to raise awareness for ALS which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The ALS Association has already raised close to $6 million dollars in donations since the Ice Bucket challenge started a couple weeks ago. To participate in the challenge, have someone video tape you challenging a few of your friends to participate in the challenge and then dump ice on yourself.

Chicago sports athletes and coaches are accepting the challenge. A few examples include Coach Q who dumped ice water on himself and challenged Blackhawks team president John McDonough who accepted his challenge. Bears wide receiver Eric Weems also participated and challenged fellow wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery to do it too. These are just a few examples of hundreds of coaches and athletes participating in this trend all across the country.

Northwestern’s Football Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald Participates

Featured image via NUFootballFamily

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