NBA Releases 2014-2015 Chicago Bulls Schedule

The Chicago Bulls will open their 2014-2015 season on Wednesday, October 29th in New York as they take on Carmelo and his Knicks. With all the Melo drama in Chicago that happened this off season, it should make for an entertaining season opener. The Bulls first home game which is Friday, October 31st should be even more exciting as they host Lebron and the Cavaliers in Chicago on Halloween. The Bulls will play 25 games that will be aired on national TV networks (ESPN, ABC, TNT). Here’s a look at the full 2014-2015 Chicago Bulls schedule…

Key games are highlighted in bold:

10/29: Bulls at Knicks (ESPN)

10/31: Cavaliers vs Bulls (ESPN)

11/1: Bulls at Timberwolves (NBA TV)

11/4: Magic vs Bulls

11/5 Bulls at Bucks

11/7: Bulls at 76ers

11/8: Celtics vs Bulls

11/10: Pistons vs Bulls

11/13: Bulls at Raptors (TNT)

11/15: Pacers vs Bulls

11/17: Bulls at Clippers (NBA TV)

11/20: Bulls at Kings (TNT)

11/21: Bulls at Trailerblazers (ESPN)

11/24: Bulls at Jazz

11/25: Bulls at Nuggets

11/28: Bulls at Celtics

11/30: Bulls at Nets

12/2: Mavericks vs Bulls

12/3: Bulls at Hornets

12/6: Warriors vs Bulls

12/10: Nets vs Bulls

12/12: Trailerblazers vs Bulls (ESPN)

12/14: Bulls at Heat

12/15: Bulls at Hawks

12/18: Knicks vs Bulls (TNT)

12/19: Bulls at Grizzlies

12/22: Raptors vs Bulls

12/23: Bulls at Wizards

12/25: Lakers vs Bulls (TNT)

12/27: Pelicans vs Bulls

12/29: Bulls at Pacers

12/30: Nets vs Bulls

1/1: Nuggets vs Bulls

1/3: Celtics vs Bulls

1/5: Rockets vs Bulls

1/7: Jazz vs Bulls

1/9: Bulls at Wizards (ESPN)

1/10: Bucks vs Bulls

1/12: Magic vs Bulls

1/14: Wizards vs Bulls

1/16: Bulls at Celtics

1/17: Hawks vs Bulls

1/19: Bulls at Cavaliers (TNT)

1/22: Spurs vs Bulls (TNT)

1/23: Bulls at Mavericks (ESPN)

1/25: Heat vs Bulls (ABC)

1/27: Bulls at Warriors

1/29: Bulls at Lakers (TNT)

1/30: Bulls at Suns (ESPN)

2/4: Bulls at Rockets (ESPN)

2/7: Bulls at Pelicans (NBA TV)

2/8: Bulls at Magic

2/10: Kings vs Bulls

2/12: Cavaliers vs Bulls (TNT)

2/20: Bulls at Pistons

2/21: Suns vs Bulls (NBA TV)

2/23: Bucks vs Bulls

2/25: Hornets vs Bulls

2/27: Timberwolves vs Bulls

3/1: Clippers vs Bulls (ABC)

3/3: Wizards vs Bulls

3/5: Thunder vs Bulls (TNT)

3/6: Bulls at Pacers

3/8: Bulls at Spurs (ABC)

3/9: Grizzlies vs Bulls (NBA TV)

3/11: Bulls at Clippers

3/13: Bulls at Pelicans

3/15: Bulls at Thunder (ABC)

3/18: Pacers vs Bulls (ESPN)

3/20: Raptors vs Bulls

3/21: Bulls at Pistons

3/23: Hornets vs Bulls

3/25: Bulls at Raptors

3/28: Knicks vs Bulls

4/1: Bulls at Bucks

4/3: Pistons vs Bulls (ESPN)

4/5: Bulls at Cavaliers (ABC)

4/8: Bulls at Magic

4/9: Bulls at Heat (TNT)

4/11: 76ers vs Bulls

4/13: Bulls at Nets

4/15: Hawks vs Bulls


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