The Evolving Depth Chart Week 2

Week 2 saw a fairly uninspired effort against Jacksonville, which seemed to be taking the game a little more seriously than the Bears. But from the uninspired effort things can still be observed and learned.

QB: Cutler, Clausen [2]

-Nothing changes here. Clausen was fine against better competition and seemed to handle losing his contact with the sideline well. He just simply has more physical upside than Palmer.

-I do not think that the Bears keep 3 QBs, but keeping Palmer around would not upset me. He seems like a great team guy and another coach, could help the young WRs, TEs and RBs having a guy like that working with them.

RB: Forte, Draughn, Carey, Fiammetta [4]

-My biggest mistake from last week was not including Draughn who is clearly the #2, flashed again in Week 2 and seems destined to actually have a role on the team.

-Carey again flashed despite having an abysmal OL in front of him and I think his status as a 4th round pick edges him on the roster over Perry who has surprised me with how good he is.

WR: Marshall, Jeffery, Wilson, Morgan, Williams, Spurlock [6]

-Originally I felt that the Bears would keep 5 WRs, but the Wilson injury has forced that number to 6.

-Morgan should be the #3.

-Weems offers drops as a WR, fumbles as a KR and does nothing but cover kicks. The Bears can find someone bigger, cheaper, and faster to play gunner.

-Spurlock may win the return gig, because he is a solid veteran that does not make mistakes and has experience.

TE: Bennett, Rosario, Mulligan [3]

-With Miller out this depth chart shifts again. There are not a lot of options and I would expect that at least a couple of TEs are looked at after cuts start to happen.

OT: Bushrod, Mills, Leno, Ola [4]

-Ola is making the team. The guy gets a ton of run with the 1s and he looks solid while doing so, he can play all over the line, which only adds to his value as a swing player.

-With Mills foot and Britton’s hamstring I think they will keep an extra OLmen on the roster in case things go poorly and they need the depth.

OG: Long, Slauson, Britton [3]

-Easiest position on the team to project. I like James Brown, but in 3 years he has not shown me enough to warrant more development over a guy like Leno.

C: Garza, De La Peunta [2]

-The injury could force Boggs onto the team, but until BDLP is on IR this is a pretty easy projections.

Offense: 24


DE: Allen, Houston, Young, Scott, Washington [5]

-The top 4 are locks as Scott continues to impress and can you imagine when the Bears go 4 deep at DE, there is not a rep in the game where a competent pass rusher is not on the field.

-Washington is a niche player, as he simply is not a good pass rusher, but he plays the run well and provides a very unique special teams player. He flashed on special teams in week 2. Remember when Izzy at 6’6″ 280lbs was covering kicks, Washington is a similar type of size/speed talent that special teams is not use to happening.

DT: Ratlff, Paea, Ferguson, Sutton [4]

-The ability of Houston to play inside allows the Bears to carry fewer DTs and keep special teams players in other areas. If there is an injury to Ratliff or Paea the Bears best starting DL is Young, Houston, Paea, Allen.

-2nd and 3rd round rookies as lost as they have looked at times have to contribute especially when they are guaranteed 2 roster spots at the same position.

-Collins is playing with the 3rd team, in the 4th quarter, and is not flashing and I doubt at this point he is in the plan.

LB: Briggs, Williams, Bostic, McClellin, Greene, Senn, Jones [7]

-One of the more unsettled positions on the team as we have Briggs and a bunch of guys I am not 100% sold on. I think Bostic and McClellin will rotate at SLB with Bostic playing the NB LB spot.

-Greene to me is still showing promise and I want t give him more time.

-Senn is a special teams stand out so he will make the team and captain that group.

-I am heartbroken about cutting Jerry Franklin, but Jones has a ton of potential and how can you not see what he can turn into?

CB: Tillman, Jennings, Fuller, Hayden, McManis [5]

-I have resigned myself to the fact that the Bears are going to have to cut a talented player because of there overall depth at CB, hopefully they can get them on the PR or stash them on IR for next season.

-McManis has been the surprise of camp and the preseason. I once thought he was a special teams only guy, now I think he could legitimately play on defense if need be and he is still a special teams STUD.

S: Mundy, Conte, Wilson, Vereen, McCray [5]

-Mundy has been solid and I think he has to be a lock to start at one of the safety spots. He does not make mistakes and makes a few plays in coverage.

-The battle for the other safety spot seems to be down to Wilson and Conte when he can finally play. Wilson seems to be rounding into shape and he has a ton of experience, but Conte has shown he can play.

-Vereen has not been bad, but needs more time and McCray is in for special teams.


Defense: 26


P: O’Donnell

-Last night O’Donnell clearly out punted Way, and he is a draft pick, competition OVER.

K: Gould

LS: Hairston

Specials: 3


Practice Squad

QB David Fales

RB Jordan Lynch

WR Josh Bellamy

DT Tracy Robertson

CB Al Louis-Jean

CB Demontre Hurst

OG Ryan Groy

RB Senorise Perry


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