Aaron Rodgers pays tribute to ‘Smokin Jay Cutler’

You might have seen Aaron Rodgers make a pre-snap hand signal that looked like he was smoking a cigarette during Sunday’s game in Chicago. Well now we have a twist in that scenario that involves Jay Cutler.

Rodgers was asked in a radio interview (Via The Big Lead) what he meant by that signal. He responded, “That was just a tribute to Jay Cutler, because there’s that ‘Smoking Jay’ web site.”

Ah, the classic Smokin’ Jay Cutler. Makes sense right? I mean Rodgers and Cutler are friends and do get along with eachother. CBS Chicago also points out that Rodgers has made the signal in previous seasons.

Was Rodgers serious? Possibly, either way.. Smokin Jay lives.

h/t to Ricky O’Donnell on the Vine


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