Pau Gasol signed a 3-year, $22 million deal with Bulls this summer, and the love fest in Chicago has already commenced.

Gasol is the big, seven foot presence the Bulls have been missing for years. Most importantly, Carlos Boozer will be screaming “Gimme Dat!” and “And One!” in another uniform.

Gasol is off to a solid start, averaging 10.5 points, 8.3 rebounds and 3 blocks per game in the preseason. He’s a seasoned veteran with an illustrious career, so his on the court impact was expected.

It was not until he was in a Bulls uniform that it was readily apparent that he also has off the court—specifically, on Twitter.

Athletes use Twitter for various reasons: To keep their fans updated with their daily routines and happenings, to occasionally drop F-bombs or get in fights with other athletes stirring controversy, to let us know what they’re eating, to simply plug a product that they were paid millions of dollars for, or because you’re Nick Young. The list goes on.

Pau doesn’t buy into any of that. Get ready to be enlightened by@paugasol.

If it wasn’t already impossible to hate Pau Gasol, it’s now official. With each word that he so intelligently and brilliantly crafts comes a sonnet of insight.

In these tweets above, Pau has shown how far effort and practice goes towards his ultimate goal—team wins. Really, if Pau’s twitter handle says one thing, it’s that the man loves team wins.

But that’s not all he loves.

Look how much he’s starting to love the city of Chicago, rain and all. If there’s one good thing about Chicago, it’s that it’s just awesome when it rains for days on end. Who needs that L.A. weather anyways?

I can’t wait until it gets below zero in January when the Bulls have a four-game home stand, and Gasol is still tweeting about loving the snowflakes and bitter coldness. I expect at least one snow angel selfie, hopefully with Nikola Mirotic.

Gasol also has a strong vine presence.

He is just full of fun. Whenever the Bulls have a tough loss or play the Cavaliers, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will have to look no further for moral support. I wish those Sesame Street puppets could spontaneously appear any time Gasol scores or posters a player. It’s a must.

Remember, it’s not even the regular season yet. We have barely scratched the surface of Gasol tweets. There’s so much potential, so don’t miss out. Follow @paugasol while you still can.

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