College basketball is almost upon us. That means it’s time for Media Day.

Today is Big Ten Media Day and ChiCitySports is here for the coverage. Follow CCS all day and all week as we cover everything around the Big Ten. Tom Izzo has already complemented the moderator on his bowtie. This is just the start of our awesome coverage. Also make sure to check out our Twitter account @ChiCitySports23 for updates throughout the day.




Arik Wonsover

I’m from Northbrook, IL and I currently attend the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign where I cover all of our school’s basketball games. I’m an avid Chicago sports fan and a diehard Chicago Bulls fan. You won’t find a much more dedicated Bulls fan (I endured the Drew Gooden years). Outside of Chicago sports I also love watching Mixed Martial Arts and I'm a huge movie buff.

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