The 90’s were a weird time. We saw the emergence of the grunge movement, the domination of M.J. and the Bulls, and Bop It.  I was born in ’91, so keep in mind my memory of the 90’s doesn’t span very far past pro wrestling.

Something else important happened in the 90’s and it’s just now beginning to surface.

Unless you are Northwestern Wildcats basketball coach Chris Collins, or a Glenbrook North High School alum like myself who just so happens to stumble upon old highlight videos on YouTube, you probably haven’t witnessed these glorious four minutes and 28 seconds.

Without further ado, here is 2 Legit 2 Quit:

The first 45 seconds are dedicated to Chris Collins and his badassery, as he laces up his clean white sneakers and flaunts his short-shorts.

The rest of the video consists of grainy highlights of Collins balling out at GBN, but what would that be without generic 90’s hip hop playing underneath.

And, of course, the dancing. Really couldn’t get more 90’s than the running man.

I took it upon myself to investigate this video in it’s entirety, so I started at the source.

I tracked down coach Collins at Big Ten Media Day and made him crack.

“That’s where YouTube I’m not as happy with because that’s some old dancing footage from the early 90’s that I’d love to be able to burn,” Collins said. “But I will say the running man dance was in back then. So you’re making fun of me, but that was the thing to do.”

Who created this masterpiece? None other than 2 Legit 2 Quit Collins himself.

“I helped make it,” Collins said. “We had a broadcasting class, my buddy Zach Klein who’s now the top guy at ABC in Atlanta, their Sports Director, he was the one made that and we did all those highlight videos together.”

Despite Collins’ most earnest desires to have this relic destroyed, this piece of proud GBN history is still preserved today.

The 2 Legit 2 Quit legacy shall live on.


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