Future Bulls squad: Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker and Anthony Davis


If there is one thing Chicago has done besides win championships, it is giving birth to some of the most transcending talents the league has ever seen. Superstar Derrick Rose is obviously in the forefront for Chicago-bred acts but Anthony Davis and Jabari Parker are also two players on the rise who were born and raised in Chicago and will soon become two of the NBA’s most phenomenal players. Davis, who has developed into a budding superstar is next in line for culture changing players and Parker whom just entered the NBA, is likely to become Rookie of the Year and will have a career filled with success.

In accordance to what they have in common, it may be time to start entertaining the possibility of these three joining forces in attempt to bring championships back to their hometown.

The combination obviously wouldn’t happen anytime soon but the possibility will present itself before the end of their respective careers. Since Davis and Parker both play in small market organizations, a move to Chicago would work in both their favors. The two would become more marketable as players with the chance of obtaining opportunities for endorsements and more importantly, the two would join Rose with the chance to win championships in front of people of familiar faces.

Just imagine the standing ovation if Rose, Davis and Parker ever stepped foot on the United Center’s court as teammates. Seats would fill with family, friends and even those who didn’t believe in them. It would be one of the most popular stories in sports history.

If the trio comes together in the future, Rose would be at the end of his prime and the assistance of Davis and Parker would be vital. Davis would be in the prime of his career and possibly the best player in the NBA and Parker would have years of experience leading a team and would be a superstar. The combination would work with perfection, as the team would have defense, scoring, rebounding and more importantly experience.

This would be a surreal setup for not only the Bulls but also the city of Chicago. Three players that grew up an L’ ride or a CTA bus ride away from each other, could eventually become teammates. They could share their experiences growing up in the Windy City and input a sense hope of Chicago’s youth and fill the city with a new perspective.

This is about more than just basketball, it’s about three young men who grew up in the same city with one goal in mind: getting to the NBA and winning NBA championships. Depending on how things add up monetarily, this is a real possibility. The rest of the league should be considered lucky if these players don’t ever come together because championships would nearly be handed to the Bulls.

Until there’s a chance for this to happen, all us enthusiasts can do is wonder how it would be for these Chicago peers to join forces.

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