Ronnie Woo Woo getting his own bobblehead

gI_59915_Ronnie Bobble Front and Back

Who doesn’t love bobbleheads? Now a lifelong  Chicago Cubs fan is getting his very own bobblehead that will talk.

Yes, Ronnie Woo Woo the guy yelling “Woo Woo” is getting a limited edition bobblehead that will be limited to only 5,000 and individually numbered. The bobblehead features Ronnie wearing a pinstripe jersey with “Ronnie” on the front and “Woo Woo” on the back.

It gets better. You will be able to push a button and hear Ronnie yell “Woo Woo”.

The bobbleheads will benefit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum which is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can preorder yours now at WooBobbles.


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