Why no one misses Carlos Boozer

While this does not comes as a surprise to many, but Pau Gasol has been an upgrade from Carlos Boozer. Watching Gasol play has not only been enjoyable, but rejuvenating. It shows how truly bad Boozer was and the money he was earning.

Here are their numbers through 10 games.

Gasol Boozer
Minutes 34.8 27.7
PPG 18.6 12.9
RPG 10.6 6.0
BLKPG 2.5 .1
FT% .784 .75
PER 21.61 14.50

That does not include their salaries…

There are a host of reasons why Gasol is better, his toughness and leadership are what the Chicago Bulls needed. You can thank Derrick Rose for recruiting him.

Gasol’s toughness inside showed how soft Boozer really was. When left in one-on-one situations, Gasol often takes it to the rim and gets high percentage shots.

There were all to many times when Boozer would be one-on-one, back hunched over with the ball at his ankles, jab, jab, jump shot, miss. For someone who looks as tough and strong as him, he made himself look small.

What really has been impressive is his ability to stop scoring droughts for the Bulls. Which last season seemed to happen every other night.The Bulls have scored over 100 points in eight of 11 games this season, it took them 35 to get over the century mark eight times last year. My frustration levels have decreased significantly this season because of Gasol’s leadership to take over a game. Even with the addition of shooters, Gasol’s ability to be a legitimate inside presence on both ends of the court have given coach Tom Thibodeau the chance to not sacrifice offence for defense. Carlos Boozer can’t say that.

If you are still upset about Boozer, this piece from Deadspin will lighten your day.

The Los Angles Lakers look like a team of misfit toys. Once upon a time they brought excited to basketball fans, but are now worn out and suck. They remind me of the Toy Story scene when Buzz Lightyear and Woody are trapped in Sid’s house and his only help they have is Sid’s deformed toys. Kobe is Buzz Lightyear. The only difference is Kobe does not have someone to get him out of LA.

For all of us Bulls fans, enjoy the great play of the Bulls, and the struggles of the Lakers and Boozer. It might not happen often.

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