Lance Briggs says goodbye to the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs knows he has played his final game with the Chicago Bears and on Tuesday night, he let Bears fans know how he really felt. The linebacker had a great career as a Chicago Bear playing alongside Brian Urlacher for the majority of his career in Chicago.

Briggs said thank you to Bears fans and reflected on his time in Chicago on his weekly “The Lance Briggs Show” on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. Briggs used the final segment to show his emotions for the city of Chicago and the fans.

Here’s the transcript from CSN Chicago:

“I think we had a great ride together, and I think that I got out as much or more from you as you guys got out from me and Peanut (Charles Tillman) and all of us along this ride. This whole year has been a bittersweet year because going into this year I knew that this was going to be it, and I just really, more than anything, I wanted to not let anything take the smile away. And it’s been probably the roughest season that I’ve had as a Chicago Bear, but I don’t regret being here, I don’t regret signing any of the deals that kept me here and allowed me to be here because I know I bleed blue and orange and will always. This is home, and I love everything about this city and everything about the fans and everything about the people here and you guys, sometimes you get a loss for words but I have appreciated everyone letting me into their family, and I know that that’s true when things happen and people get emotional and you say things and things come off because we all do it. I do it, but I know that it comes from the heart and I know how you and I know how I really feel about the city and the people, and I know how they feel about me. So, for me, just wanted to say thank you to them.

I want to say thank you to Marty Barrett, because Marty Barrett was a guy that did the homework on me and studied me when I was in college and he was the one that made Jerry Angelo draft me in the third round. And every time I see him I tell him he’s the greatest scout that the Chicago Bears have ever had. And I argue with him about other guys and stuff, but I believe he was the greatest because he was the guy that brought me in. And every year I hope that I try to make him proud.

Obviously Dick Jauron and that staff, thank them for bringing me in and giving me my first opportunity. Because it was with Dick Jauron that I got my first start. Him and Gary Moeller, and of course Lovie (Smith) for giving me an opportunity to play weakside linebacker here for the Chicago Bears which was the greatest opportunity that I’ve ever had. Brian Urlacher, for being my big brother over the year and really, really looking out for me on a lot of different things. I mean, on the field, off the field, he really looked out for me and I really can’t thank him enough. I really appreciate him being my big brother throughout all the years.

Peanut my classmate, we came in together, got our first start together and really kind of ran with it ever since then. He’s an incredible man. If there are kids and boys or girls or anybody who aspire to be a person, Peanut is a man that you should all aspire to be. He’s that wonderful of a man.”



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