Recapping the 2015 Chicago Cubs Convention

Ah, what a weekend.

The Chicago Cubs hosted their 30th annual Cubs Convention this weekend and something was just different about it. The atmosphere was unlike any other convention since 2008 or 2009 and that’s a good thing.

It means excitements in the air and the fans are ready to hear “Play Ball” on April 5th.

I attended the Cubs Convention this year to get some more insight on the team, front office and what’s going on with Wrigley Field. I left learning a lot from the convention and also excited about the season. There were some interesting things talked about and some interesting events as well.

Here’s a recap of things we learned at the Cubs Convention:

Wrigley Field Bleachers won’t be done for Opening Day

It wasn’t much of a shocker when it was announced, but construction on the Wrigley Field bleachers will not be done in time for Opening Day 2015. The Cubs announced the decision during a business seminar on Saturday making it official.

The target date for the left field bleachers is early May, likely May 11th according to the email sent out to season ticket holders. The left field jumbotron will be ready for opening day however.

The right field bleachers is a different case. The target date for that section is late May as they look to push the bleachers out 15 more feet plus add more concession stands in that area. The smaller video board will not be ready for opening day, but will be ready when the bleachers open.

It’s a little disappointing but it’s understandable as construction has been delayed for a few reasons. Just have to stay patient Cubs fans.

 Will the MLB lift blackouts?

During the Cubs business operations seminar, a interesting question was asked by a fan during the fan questions portion. With the Cubs striking a new TV deal, many out of market cities won’t get Cubs games this year. That includes cities in Southern Illinois like Champaign.

A fan asked the question of ‘what would happen and how to get games in that area.” Crane Kenney answered by telling everyone that the Cubs have been in talks with other stations in the area to air some games. However, nothing has been agreed to. If no agreement is reached, the Cubs will likely turn to the MLB and ask for blackout restrictions to be lifted for markets considered ‘blacked out’ on MLB packages.


Honestly, one of the best parts of the whole convention was the atmosphere. The excitement in the air about the upcoming season really made the event worth it. You could just feel the buzz throughout the place and especially when the team was announced during the opening ceremony.

Fans were chanting throughout the ceremony, talking to eachother about players and just had smiles on their faces as the convention went on. The buddy I was there with also commented on this saying he couldn’t believe how much excitement there really was.

It’s something that I’ve never really experienced at a convention before.

It also makes me wonder what going to the games will be like this year at Wrigley Field. With so much excitement this season, it’s going to make everything great.


The merchandise at the Cubs Convention was pretty cool. With a good amount of vendors and the Cubs official shop, there was something for everyone.

At the Cubs official shop there was everything from T-shirts to game-used equipment and a ton of souvenirs for the little kids. They even had a 30% off everything but Cubs Con shirts going on for most of the days.

Personally I picked up a cool Fergie Jenkins bobblehead that was autographed for $30, not a bad price. But there was something for everyone.



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