Derrick Rose lets out his frustrations after Bulls lose to Cavs

The Chicago Bulls have lost 6 out of their last 8 games after losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-94 last night. Affter the game, superstar guard Derrick Rose let out his frustrations.

“We got to give a better effort. It seems like we’re not even competing and it’s f—ing irritating,” Rose told reporters after the loss. He also stated “It’s just the whole team. Not communicating when we’re on the floor to one another. Everybody’s quiet.” Eh, if that’s the case then I’m pretty sure that’s not a good thing

It doesn’t help that the Bulls are without Mike Dunleavy and Joakim Noah, two pieces to their early success this season. But now the Bulls are reeling and find themselves at 27-16 and the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference.


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