LeBron James offers his support for Derrick Rose

Last night the NBA world reacted to the news of Derrick Rose potentially missing the remainder of the NBA season after he will undergo surgery on his knee again. Players tweeted out their support for the point guard telling him to stay strong as they couldn’t believe the news.

Today, LeBron James released a video offering his support for Rose.

In the video LeBron says he heard the news after the Cavs win last night and said “it was terrible news to get.” LeBron also went on to say that he will never know what Rose is going through physically and mentally.

The star also offered advice by saying “One thing I can tell him is to keep his head up, to lean on your loved ones, to vent on your loved ones and you will make it through this man and you will come back stronger.” LeBron went on to finish by saying that he believes Rose will be back and he see’s the determination in his eyes. A pretty classy video from a player who gets a lot of hate.

See the full video here.


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