Should he stay or should he go? What to do with Brandon Marshall

A lot has been said about Brandon Marshall since his not so humble beginnings in the NFL with the Denver Broncos. He was shipped out of Denver, misplaced in Miami and found his way to a supposed ‘better self’ with the Chicago Bears.

Now new information has come to light that states maybe the Bears will be better off getting rid of  Marshall and the distractions he brings to the team. The only issue with this is the high-level of play Brandon has brought to the Chicago Bears, the same franchise where Mushin Muhammad once infamously said “Chicago is where recievers come to die.”

Brandon has transformed that notion. He has made the pro bowl twice now in a Bears uniform, has caught 287 passes and yet still has not been in a playoff game. Is that Brandon’s fault alone?

Will Brandon Marshall be back in a Bears uniform?

It can’t be. But the problems are now arising within the locker room that he has become a bigger distraction than what many in Chicago realize. I have my own source that was in Halas Hall the past 3 years, and what they have told me is that Marshall is “a bigger than issue than we realize.”

Problems carried over this season when he asked to partake in a television show on his off day, flying out to  New York and fly back home the same day. It could be argued it took a toll on Brandons mental and physical state. Let’s be honest, traveling is not easy on any of us. Let alone a football player who needs to make it back to practice less than 24 hours later.

After this matter become public, Brandon also got in a twitter spat with a Lions fan, challenging him to a boxing match. Which was a very odd thing to question and ask someone to be apart of. Brandon then backtracked this statement, stating he was doing it to promote his charity and raise awareness. Just when things couldn’t get anymore bizarre, Brandon also came out and called a ESPN host a “clown” live on air and also challenged him to a boxing match. Even through all of this he found the time to hold a press conference to argue against the new allegations brought forth to him by his ex-girlfriend from college. Per reports, Bears personnel asked Brandon to withhold from the press conference and were angered when Brandon went through with it anyways. Holding a very odd and long conference spewing information that obviously was debunked in court.

Just who knows what other problems persisted that my source wouldn’t go into detail about? I do know this: Brandon won’t be flying out to new york to film anymore shows if he plans to stick with the Chicago Bears under Ryan Pace and John Fox.

It just won’t happen.

We all can only hope Brandon accepts that he seems to be treading on thin ice at the moment and needs to re-evaluate what is important and what isn’t. The awareness of his mental condition is important to all involved, including the Bears. What isn’t important is bringing about issues with your own teammates and coaches, promoting a boxing match with a twitter fan, calling out a espn host to box and then making a snark comment of asking another coach in the NFL if he would allow Brandon to fly so he could do his television show during the season.

Just what was the point in asking that, Brandon?

Was that a shot at the Chicago Bears organization and a tempt to show that you want and expect to be allowed to do what you please? I hope not. I hope he can retire a Bear. But one thing Brandon is going to need to accept. His attention needs are going to need to be met on the football field between the lines.

Not off the field.

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2 thoughts on “Should he stay or should he go? What to do with Brandon Marshall

  • February 25, 2015 at 6:54 PM

    Keep Brandon Marshall! Why get rid of someone who is good?

  • February 27, 2015 at 4:31 AM

    Seems to me that Brandon Marshall just lacks a coach with good leadership skills to tame the beast inside of Marshall but obviously that’s not going to be a problem with Pace and Fox. He’s got some issues to sort out when it comes to his anger but that won’t be an issue when he comes back in 2015! Bear Down!

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