Chicago Bears offering fans chance to win tickets to every 2015 home game

Have you ever wanted to attend every Chicago Bears home game but don’t have season tickets? Well the team just announced a new contest where the winner will receive tickets to every 2015 home game.

It won’t be easy winning however.

All you have to do is predict the complete 2015 Chicago Bears regular-season schedule with the correct opponent, date and time. That includes Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games as well.

Sounds easy? Well it’s not.

Last season the St. Louis Rams held the same contest last season and no one correctly predicted the complete schedule. During that contest, Slate Magazine calculated the odds coming up with a 1 in 16,294,782,089,552,200 chance of getting it completely correct.

The contest runs through April 13 at 3 p.m. CST or the day before the full NFL schedule is released. One random winner will be selected to win a pair of tickets to any Chicago Bears home game in 2015 as well as two tickets to any Chicago Bears road game in 2015.

So you’re saying there’s a chance? Well good luck.


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