IceHogs – Playoff Bound

The Hogs were on fire last night in Rockford and the Rochester Americans couldn’t to put out the flames. Rockford soundly beat Rochester, 7-2 and secured their spot in the AHL post-season playoffs. The IceHogs have not seen post-season play since 2010.

So many adjectives could describe last night’s IceHogs’ game…a Barn Burner, or a Yard Sale, or Saturday Night Fights, to name a few.  But, most IceHogs fans would just describe it as an Awesome Game!

Rockford’s Alex Broadhurst helped skate his team to Victory on Saturday,  by scoring 2 goals & 3 assists and was appropriately named the Game’s #1 Star. Ryan Hartman continued his Hot Streak with 1 goal & 2 assists and was named Star #2. To complete Rockford’s domination, Spencer Abbott was named Star #3 by tallying 3 assists.

Get out your Fight Cards, you’re going to need them to keep track now. In the 1st frame we had Cody Bass(RFD) vs Drew Bagnall(RCH), which appeared to end in a Draw with the Linesmen separating them after a few minutes of dancing.  Then both teams held a Yard Sale in the 3rd period with a Line Brawl. Heavy penalties were handed out to both teams by Referee Kendrick Nicholson. For Rockford – Cody Bass 5 minutes for Fighting & a Game Misconduct, Third Major/Second Fight; Ryan Hartman 5 minutes for Fighting & a double Game Misconduct-Secondary altercation & Third man in; and Zach Miskovic 5 minutes for Fighting & a Game Misconduct-Secondary altercation. For Rochester – Colin Jacobs 5 minutes for Fighting & a Game Misconduct-Continuing altercation; Matt MacKenzie 5 minutes for Fighting & a Game Misconduct-Secondary altercation; Michael Pelech 5 minutes for Fighting & a Game Misconduct-Secondary altercation. Team penalty minutes totaled 62 minutes/9 infractions for Rockford and 60 minutes/12 infractions for Rochester for the game.

Celebrity spotting – Chicago Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook attended the game with his family. Seabrooks’ brother, Keith, plays for the IceHogs.

The IceHogs’ next game is Tuesday April 7th at 7pm in Rockford.

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