IceHogs Sink Admirals 5-3

The IceHogs continued their home winning streaking, bringing the total to 7 games, with last night’s 5-3 Win over the Milwaukee Admirals. IceHogs’ Spencer Abbott helped lead the team, scoring 2 goals & 2 assists.  Rockford’s netminders, Antti Raanta and Michael Leighton continue to alternate the starting position, with Raanta in net last night for the Win.

There were a couple of moments of panic when two of Rockford’s key players were involved in separate on ice incidents, that could have possibly resulted in serious injury. The first one involved Alex Broadhurst, he was slow to rise near the boards after the play was stopped. He slowly skated back to the bench favoring his arm. Broadhurst just recently returned to active play, after suffering a fractured arm several months ago. Then in the 3rd frame, Garrett Ross was sent hard into the boards headfirst by Milwaukee’s Scott Ford. Both players were able to return to the game after being checked over by team trainer, DJ Jones.

The IceHogs hit the road for their next three games and return home next Wednesday, April 15th.

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