Are you sure Hank done it this way, Nashville?

Nashville isn’t just the city of broken dreams to many on lower Broadway, but apparently broke wallets to many Predator fans.

Home to some of the best singers in the world and to many wonderful people; they sure seemed to struggle to find ways to get fans to buy tickets for this round of hockey.  In a move that shocked many others, the Nashville Predators put a twist on yesterdays much anticipated playoff game. In a very broad attempt at keeping what many locals call, ‘keep the red out’, the Predators organization continued a two-year tradition of attempting to keep as many Northern ‘Yankee Union boys at home up in Chicago for the game.

What started out as a light hearted, tongue in cheek jabs in 2013 has heightend to national news.

Predators fans were not happy with the Blackhawks taking over Nashville.


Instead, it’s become a head scratcher and an eye roller. So much for the southern hospitality many of us have come to expect from visiting that wonderful city. Now Blackhawks fans have become aware that there are now new “rules” in order to even be allowed inside the Bridgestone Arena for the game. This started back in 2013, when originally the idea of keeping the red out was humourous and annoying; but lighthearted. Now it’s a reached a level of ridiculousness. After the odd addition of the national anthem of having everyone sing in unison instead of proudful Blackhawks fans pouring their hearts out for the level of pride with the waving flag; we were left with the known addition of this was simply to quiet anything Blackhawks.

It didn’t end there.

In a much organized(yes, they tried that hard) effort to keep Chicagoans out; the Predators stepped up their game. Allowing season ticket holders to buy extra playoff tickets before they went on sale to the general public. We get that, not too big of a deal. Again, irritating.. But lighthearted.

Then, they added measures to make sure only locals were the first in line. All playoff tickets made to the general public at first went on sale at local Kroger stores and at Bridgestone, simply saying unless you are planning on flying/driving to Nashville twice in a month; you may not get a ticket.

Then the added kicker. Once ‘officially’ they were on sale for the general public, tickets were only available to purchasers within the Predators television viewing area.

It’s become a joke in itself. What started off as much as a eye roller has now reached levels of hilarity.

Predators organization, if you wanted to make a statement for your fans and the general NHL public; this was not the way to go about it. This reached levels of just jaded views of not only Chicagons, but the idea that you are struggling to sell your own tickets to your own fans. Is it that big of a concern? It sure sounds like it.

A city that is boastful of it’s musics past and current status, you have to wonder when the Predators organization will accept they are second in line for fanfare off Broadway. If a statement was to be made, why wouldn’t the organization order a group package for Predators fans, help them with discounted airfare and tickets for the game up here at the United Center? Now that would be a good way to show support for your fanbase. Instead what you showed is a last ditch effort of trying to pour as many Predator fans into the areana as possible. You may have succeeded. But don’t kid yourselves as if it showed dedication. If anything, the whole cirus brought about a showing of ignorance, intolerance and stupidity.

Soon it’s going to be realized that the struggling musicians aren’t the only ones with a broken heart on Broadway this week.  But also a disoriented franchise with broken hearted fans struggling to be the fine line between music row and losers row.


One thought on “Are you sure Hank done it this way, Nashville?

  • April 17, 2015 at 9:30 AM

    Chicago will be real sad when a small market team wins the next four games. You guys have no Respect! Why can’t you just appreciate that we love our team as much as you love yours’? Stop writing all of this bullshit about your better than an us and just enjoy the game. It’s a great series!

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