Chicago Bears release Ray McDonald

The Chicago Bears took a big risk signing defensive tackle Ray McDonald in the offseason. On Monday, the team got burned as McDonald was arrested for domestic violence and child endangerment charges in Santa Clara, California.

Chicago Bears DT Ray McDonald was arrested for domestic abuse charges.

Just hours after the news was reported, the Bears released McDonald from his one-year contract. The defensive tackle earned $0 guaranteed money for the upcoming season.

McDonald has a history of domestic abuse violence, making the signing very questionable by the Bears in April. Chairman George McCaskey said he talked to people close to McDonald including his parents and was convinced that the former San Francisco 49er had changed. I guess not.

Manyt argued that the signing was terrible and were confused why the Bears would bring in a guy with a history like this but some defended McCaskey for the signing.

In the end, the Bears took a chance on the 30-year-old and were burned. It’s a tough lesson to learn.


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