Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo makes appearance at Nike Training Facility

For Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo, Nike has always been a staple in his workout apparel and sporting apparel of his choice.

“Yeah it’s always been Nike for me,” said Rizzo with a smile on his face. “I grew up on Nike gear. Shoes, clothes and all of that.”

On Saturday, Rizzo got his first look at the new Nike Training Facility in the West Loop as part of a training session designed for baseball athletes. The Diamond Fit session ran a few hours and helped athletes with training method designed to help them improve their game. Each week there is a special guest that coordinates with the sport highlighted.

Rizzo was on hand with his trainer Tim Buss as well as other Nike trainers. He helped run drills as he participated with the athletes and helped them through. After the drills Rizzo spoke to the athletes and offered some advice and insight on his training sessions.

“I lift weights about 3-4 days a week,” said Rizzo. “I just try to maintain it throughout the season. In the offseason, I train about 8 times a week focusing on lifting weights and cardio.”

As for the experience, Rizzo had at the training session, the first baseman loved it and encourages others to come check it out. “This is pretty cool,” said Rizzo. “This is something you don’t see a lot of. With people being competitive and training together, it was pretty neat to see it organized.”

With the rise of the Cubs this season and Nike’s efforts into new training facilities, it seemed like the perfect match for Rizzo to appear. Much like the Cubs, Nike is trying to incorporate more involvement in the city.

“It just shows that the city we live in and how great it is,” said Rizzo. “It’s unbelievable. Nike is always expanding and to come here to Chicago is awesome.”

The event focused around diamond training which is something Rizzo is obviously familiar with but he also said that everyone’s routines will be different. “There’s no wrong way to train,” said Rizzo. “As long as your doing it the right way, you will be fine. What works for me might not work for you though. But what works for you might be essential.”

To view all sessions Nike has to offer please visit here. You can also stay updated with #TrainChicago on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Here are some images of the event:

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All photos via Nike.


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