Chicago Cubs to call up Kyle Schwarber

The Chicago Blackhawks aren’t the only ones having a parade in the city of Chicago.

The Chicago Cubs parade of prospects will continue this week after it was announced that the team plans to promote catcher Kyle Schwarber for six games as a DH, at which point he will be sent to Triple-A — a promotion in itself from his present home in Double-A.

The Cubs have called up catching prospect Kyle Schwarber.
The Cubs have called up catching prospect Kyle Schwarber.

Schwarber has been an offensive monster at every level. He’s currently slashing .320/.438/.579 in Double-A with 13 home runs and 39 RBIs. But offensive prowess has never been the question surrounding Schwarber, it’s been concerning where in the world does he fit in defensively. A question, as of now, that continues to have no clear answer.

The two leading candidates are catcher and left field. But even with the Cubs set at catcher with Miguel Montero and David Ross, the question almost has to be asked:

How good does Kyle Schwarber have to be in his six-game debut to warrant a longer stay in the majors?

Apparently, there’s no chance.

“Regardless of how this week goes, Kyle will head to Triple-A after Sunday’s game,” Theo Epstein said, attempting to quiet any rumblings that Schwarber would have a chance to stick at the major leagues with a good showing. But you know as well as I do, if Schwarber rakes, the question will remain, as well as get louder and more frequent.

He wouldn’t be the first prospect to change a front office’s plans. He also wouldn’t be the first prospect put on display for potential trade partners.

Just a thought.

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