The party is officially starting.

The Chicago Blackhawks will be strolling through the city on buses showing off the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe trophy today as the city is hosting its third parade in the last six years. It’s only 8:36 a.m. and people have already made the journey into the city to claim their spot along the parade route.

Watch the parade LIVE:

Then there is the rally. Tickets for the rally were a pain to get yesterday as Soldier Field is expected to be jam packed with Blackhawks fans.

Check out some images from this memorable Thursday:


Corey does it again!

Kris Versteeg passes the belt onto Clint Reif’s son

Wait, what?


And they are off!

This Coca-Cola truck stood no chance

Love the sign!


Fans lined up inside Soldier Field

Stay Fratty my friends

Rain and lightning over Soldier Field


It’s early but fans are already out waiting

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