Funny, Clever, Offensive, Childish, Silly, etc. are all adjectives that come up when describing a fantasy football team name. Every year ChiCitySports compiles a list of funny/clever fantasy football team names for the upcoming NFL season.

Check out our lists from years previous….we are kind of a big deal!

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Let’s jump right into things. We’ll get a list of what we deem to be funny, offensive, and clever team names for the entire league. Then we’ll throw a splash of Bears themed team names at you…because we can do whatever we want. I’m drinking beer while doing this.

League Wide Team Names

Russell’n My Jimmies : Russell Wilson got his big target in Jimmy Graham from the Saints, if you draft this combo, you’ll be Russlin’ Some Jimmies.

The Manning-Faced God : The Night is Dark and Full of Game of Thrones team names. This one references the Many Faced God from Arya’s storyline in Braavos.

AP The Switch Hitter : Adrian Peterson has beat many teams in fantasy football, probably for a lot of $$$ and championships on the line as well. He also beat his kid with a switch and got a serious time out from the NFL.

Adrian Beat-his-son : I genuinely feel bad putting up a second Peterson themed one but, 1 offensive team name on here isn’t going to justify “offensive” being in the title.

Beats by Ray : Ray Rice punched his wife out. It rhymes with Beats By Dre. Helping make the list a little more offensive. We’ll go for 3 in a row.

The Deflatriots : Caution, if you use this team name you’ll piss off some salty Patriots fans. However, you’ll probably wind up winning your league championship. Only to have other players in the league question if it was won legitimately.

Willy Gronka and the Touchdown Factory : While on the topic of the Patriots, Gronk is a beast at collecting touchdowns. If you plan on drafting him, you should draft this team name as well.

Caught Red Hernandez : If we went 3 in a row for offensive team names, let’s go 3 in a row for Patriots references. Aaron Hernandez is a murderer. I hope he doesn’t read this. Luckily prison wi-fi sucks.

Bye Week : You can play some psychological warfare with this one. Maybe you’ll get the opposing team to slip up and not put in a line-up thinking it’s their bye week.

The R-Words : This one will really pull it together if you draft Redskins players. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in a money league. Or any league where your integrity may be attached to your team.

Monica Loves Clinton Dix : HaHa Clinton-Dix plays for the Packers and sucks (this is a Bears site). But he deserves to be on the list because of the Bill Clinton reference.

Manziel in Distress : Not quite the damsel in distress but Johnny Football sure as hell is in distress.

Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined : The famous Marshawn Lynch line will be used in many leagues across the country.

Rage Against the Vereen : Rage Against the Machine fans will love this one. Or like it. Maybe not love.

The Butler Did It : In the end zone. With a pick.

Too Legit to Britt : Throw some MC Hammer Parachute pants in your logo. With a dash of navy, it’s already decked out for Rams colors.

Eryn Rodgers : For Bears, Lions, & Vikings fans…many are seeing the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner photoshopped vanity fair cover with the words “Call Me Eryn”. I approve.

Dez Caught It : Look at any Facebook post by any major Sports Publication on Facebook and one of the top comments will be “Dez Caught It” from the salty Cowboys fans still upset it was ruled a drop. If you’re a Cowboys fan, this one is a sure fire conversation starter.

Jamaican Joique Chicken : Joique Bell is winning over many fans in Detroit and fantasy football. This one should suit you well if you intend to have him be your sleeper this season.

The Blair Walsh Project : Vikings fans that were scared by the Blair Witch Project will want to snatch this one up before one of the other 4 Vikings fans in the country use this before them.

Spiller High Life : Miller High Life. Spiller Hife Life. I like beer and things that rhyme.

I’m Harvin a Migrane : Percy gets really bad headaches. He’ll be getting much more now that he plays for the Jets.

Le’Veon On a Prayer : Le’Veon Bell will be a hot commodity this season for fantasy owners. Bon Jovi songs are always a hot commodity to listen to.

She Gives Woodhead : Chargers RB Danny Woodhead is a bolt (literally) coming out of the backfield. His last name helped us add a blowjob reference to the list. SCORE one for the GOOD GUYS.

Hard Gore Porn : Hard Core Porn. Frank Gore. GET IT?

Fourth & Lynches : Why didn’t Pete Carroll RUN THE BALL???????


Chicago Themed Team Names


Long White Ditka : Kyle Long. Kevin White. Coach Ditka. This one…this one is a winner.

Avengers: Age of Alshon : It isn’t the age of ultron, it’s the age of Alshon. Because he’s really good.

Maesters of the Midway : Game of Thrones reference. Maester. Midway. DA BEARS! Had this on the list last year but, it won a fantasy football championship in multiple leagues…it’s blood magic.

Goldman Sacks : Eddie Goldman will be racking up plenty of sacks this season.

Forgetting Brandon Marshall : This has been on previous lists because it was the name of a movie and had Brandon’s last name in the title. Now it’s actually relevant :(

Smokin’ Jays & Pounding Fortes : Smoke Jay’s and Pound Forty’s. If you need an explanation on this, your beer should be taken away.

Goulden Shower : R Kelly submitted this one on Robbie Gould’s behalf.

Bosticular Cancer :  Hey…we said there would be some offensive ones in here. (Credit

Suck My Ditka : Always a classic. Combining a SMD reference with Coach Ditka.

Forte Shades of Jay : Forget that crappy movie, this name rings out something much more interesting.

Shea It Ain’t So : Remember our 1st round pick Shea McClellin? Yeah, he’s still on the roster. Use this while you can!

Eddie Royal With Cheese : In Chicago we call it a Eddie Royal with Cheese!

Alshon Jefferies : This is in homage to all of the turd fans that can’t pronounce Alshon’s last name.


Been following Chicago sports for many years. I have ties to Rockford, Illinois however have since been displaced in North Carolina far from Illinois. I am still an avid fan despite the geographical complications in following my teams. I am known as the internet’s #1 Rex Grossman connoisseur

One thought on “Funny, Clever, and Offensive Fantasy Football Team Names for 2015 NFL Season

  • August 11, 2016 at 10:17 AM

    One of 4 Vikes fans? Talking big coming from a Bears fan whose team got beat twice last season by the NFC North Division Champs. Have fun trying to rebuild your already garbage team. Cutler will get you there I’m sure if it!! He’s such a great QB!

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