Hot Doug’s makes its return to Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs fans will get the chance to have Hot Doug’s all season long.

Ever since Hot Doug’s closed its doors in Chicago last year, hot dog lovers everywhere have missed the popular restaurant, hoping for a chance to experience it again. Hot Doug’s has made a few appearances in Chicago since closing but today’s announcement will certainly have fans excited.

The Chicago Cubs, Levy Restaurants and Hot Doug’s have announced a new partnership that will last for the remainder of the season in the Budweiser Bleachers at Wrigley Field. Hot Doug’s will be served at Platform 14 featuring delicious hot dogs as well as other concessions. The Cubs and Levy Restaurants took to Twitter to give fans a preview.


Check it out:

Fans in the bleachers will be able to enjoy Hot Doug’s all season long as they teamed up with Levy Restaurants to provide the experience for fans. The partnership includes three sausages that pay tribute to former Cubs players per NBC Chicago:

  • The “Carmen Fanzone” is a spicy Vienna Polish sausage served with a spicy brown mustard and caramelized onions.
  • The “Dave Kingman” is a bacon cheeseburger sausage with cola barbecue sauce and sharp cheddar cheese.
  • The “Rick Reuschel” is an atomic pork sausage with chipotle mustard and pepper jack cheese.

Rejoice Cubs fans! Hot Doug’s is back. Sorta.


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