Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher surprises fans at Nike Chicago

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has had a busy post-NFL career as photos of him fishing have surfaced. But on Saturday, Urlacher gave Nike Chicago customers a once in a lifetime experience.

Customers shopping at Nike Chicago Saturday were surprised when the former linebacker was there to help them with some Nike products. Urlacher popped out of the back stock room to surprise the fans who had their day made by a former All-Pro linebacker.

Athletes were preparing for summer training programs by purchasing some of the latest Nike gear. When receiving help, Urlacher was there to talk to the customers and provide them some advice. He spoke for several minutes on football with the young athletes. It’s the latest event in Nike’s training events, which help athletes in Chicago.

During the event, Urlacher spoke to RedEye a little about the Bears offseason and had some praise for new head coach John Fox:

“I’ve liked him since he was in Carolina,” Urlacher said. “I like his style of football. They run the football, and they play good defense.”

He also had some words on his former quarterback Jay Cutler:

“The running game helps everybody,” Urlacher said.

Check out some photos from the event below provided by Nike.

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