Adam Gase and Jay Cutler: Will this marriage work?

Jay Cutler has seen his fair share of bumps and bruises as the Chicago Bears quarterback.

We have seen the highs and lows of Cutler’s career with the likes of Ron Turner(out of the NFL), Mike Martz(out of the NFL), Mike Tice (demoted to offensive line coach) and Marc Trestman (demoted to offensive coordinator); but what we haven’t seen is Culter working with an up and coming coordinator such as Adam Gase.

Hopefully this season, we can finally see things coming together for Cutler. We cannot say Culter isn’t without fault — he is, but what we can say and acknowledge is his previous coordinators have left a lot to be desired from and have seemed to have fallen of the NFL coaching wire.

It’s not all Cutler’s fault. That should be acknowledged.

Marc Trestman couldn't figure  it out. Can Adam Gase?
Marc Trestman couldn’t figure it out. Can Adam Gase?

But what we have here is finally a deserving coordinator that can work with Cutler’s talent and make something of this offensive talent that the Bears have. Trestman was out of the league for 10 years for a reason, and Mike Tice never received another coordinator offer after his failure to bring anything of substance, lets give Adam Gase a shot.

Gase comes in with high approval from multiple people. Most noticeably Peyton Manning, who has said Adam Gase “deserves his shot”, a nod of approval coming from Manning who was vocal of Gases bid to be a head coach of an NFL team.  unfortunately for Adam, things fell apart as he wasn’t selected to be the head coach of any teams looking this past offseason, although rumors swirled that he had the 49ers job but apparently some internal issues arose and he now finds himself working with Cutler and company. Further progressing his resume’ to include making the Chicago Bears offense  a force to be reckoned with.

So why should Bear fans be excited about Gase besides the backing of arguably the greatest quarterback of all time? It’s his ability to work with what he has. Gase has been known to mix and match his personnel to fit not his scheme, but the players on the field. Too often we have seen great coordinators such as Martz fail as the years went on due to his inept inability to change his scheme to fit his players; instead we saw him constantly arrange the makings of the team to fit his playbook. Which led ultimately to his dismissal as Chicago Bears coordinator after two seasons.

What Gase will do differently than others is have Cutler be less in charge of his plays. Audibles will be limited, as will Gases playcalling to suit Jay and the offensive players. Gase has worked well with Peyton Manning on short to intermediate passes that opened up deep balls to players such as Demarius Thomas; who I believe will be missing Adam Gases intelligence and designed plays that left Thomas open all over the field.

It’s Adam Gase’s time to shine in Chicago as offensive coordinator.


What we should expect to see is even more of a vertical passing game with Gase due to Cutler’s arm strength. With a now #1 Alshon Jeffery and a top 10 pick in Kevin White; Cutler will have his share of weapons and Gases track record leaves little doubt that this offense could and should, soar. Gase has found himself with a drop off at talent at the quarterback position and wide receivers with the potential to be great, but have a lot to prove.

But he has Matt Forte to rely on, and that should be plenty.

The bell-cow has been a force in the offense for years now and should continue being a marquee matchup for Gases west coast style offense. If there is one thing we have learned about Cutler, is that he can and will say the right things about his coordinators(usually); but this year seems different. There is less talk of Jay and his transition into Gases style of offense. Instead, the spotlight seems to be off him. Which should and will suit Jay’s personality just fine. If that and along with an offense system that will be molded to fit the players on the team, the Chicago Bears should expect to see a dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball. And with that hope comes expectations.

Should we see the progression I’m expecting in training camp and preseason, it’s not far-fetched to expect big things come this Fall.



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