Jay Cutler responds to Brandon Marshall’s comments

Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has done a lot of talking since he left the Windy City via trade in March. Marshall has pretty much expressed how he feels about being let go and his relationship with Cutler.

While Marshall has danced around some questions, it seems like the ‘bromance’ he and Cutler developed is gone. Well at Training Camp, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler finally responded to Marshall.

Cutler told reporters:

“No one really likes their ex-girlfriend just after a breakup.” “He’s fine and he’s been like that for as long as I’ve known him. He’s an incredible player, he did a lot for us here, it just didn’t work out. I could’ve been the guy that got shipped out of here as well.

Thats a pretty good statement from Cutler, as the quarterback took the high road in the situation. Cutler could have easily said anything bad about Marshall but knowing how good of friends they were, Cutler decided to just stay out of it and focus on football.

The atmosphere at camp seems a lot different this year under new leadership. This might just be the first sign of a mature team.


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