USA TODAY predicts the Chicago Bears will be the worst team in the NFL

The 2014 season wasn’t pretty for the Chicago Bears as they look to improve for the upcoming season.

One publication however, thinks the Bears won’t be very good. Actually they think the Bears will be the worst team in football and will have the number one pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The USA TODAY released their predictions for the 2015 season and Bears fans won’t be very happy. They have them finishing 3-13 this season, writing:

Defense will look almost entirely different in terms of personnel and scheme. They can only hope QB Jay Cutler looks entirely different from 2014 version under new coaching staff.

To make things worse, the USA TODAY thinks the Green Bay Packers will not only win the NFC North but will beat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 50. Talk about pouring salt on the wounds.

Yes, the Bears were a disaster last season and they do face a tough first half schedule. But three wins? It’s really hard to see the Bears being the worst team in the NFL this season despite a struggling defense and Jay Cutler.

There’s still talent on this team, the defense will improve and the Bears are under a new coaching regime. So why just three wins? I guess the page views have to come in somehow.


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One thought on “USA TODAY predicts the Chicago Bears will be the worst team in the NFL

  • August 4, 2015 at 9:21 PM

    Maybe if just once the news media in Chicago could have a little positive comments about their own cities team, the the attitudes of the players would become more positive. Remember, a happy team, a better team. My dad always said that this should fall the same as the old saying Happy Wife- Happy Life. Let’s get positive this year.

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