Chicago ranks third among U.S. cities for jerseys

ESPN’s Uni-Watch blog, described as the “obsessive study of athletics aesthetics”, released its ranking of the best dressed cities according to professional sports jerseys.

The site named the top 20 cities that have at least three professional sports teams. Only two cities beat out Chicago: Boston and Pittsburgh as the Windy City finished third on the list.

Here’s one of the factors for the list:

In order to be included in the rankings, a city had to have at least three teams in the “Big Four” pro leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), a criterion that resulted in 20 eligible cities. A separate set of rankings was conducted for 11 small-market cities that have only two major-level teams. Minor league and college teams were not considered, because there are too many of them and they change their uniforms too often. MLS teams were also not considered, because they change kits too often, most of the jerseys have corporate advertising that renders them worthless, and I’m not equipped to assess soccer uniforms anyway.

Uni-Watch gave Chicago an overall score of 8.5 compared to the 9.13 Boston received in first place. The site even broke it down by team:

  • Bears 10/10
  • Cubs 9.5/10
  • White Sox 7.5/10
  • Blackhawks 7/10
  • Bulls 6.5/10

That’s pretty good for the Windy City, which features some of the best and more classic uniforms out of any sports. Check out the full list here.


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One thought on “Chicago ranks third among U.S. cities for jerseys

  • August 19, 2015 at 9:54 PM

    Blackhawks 7/10?! I assume all these ESPN turds were from the Northeast – with bland, over-rated uni’s for all their teams. Celtics? 3/10. Bruins? 6/10 Red Sox? 8.5/10 Patriots? 7/10. Pittsburgh? Steelers? 10/10 Penguins? 5/10 Pirates? 6/10

    FWIW, I give Blackhawks a 10/10 and Cubs a 8.5

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