Most important Chicago Bears for 2015: No. 4 Kyle Long

Just a few more days until the NFL season kicks off as we continue our countdown of the most important players for the Chicago Bears this season.

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Kyle Long

One of the Chicago Bears most important players this season could see a position change as early as week one. Right guard Kyle Long will likely move to right tackle as the Bears have struggled to find a solution at the position. Since being drafted in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, Long has been one of the better right guards in the game.

The Bears need at right tackle is a problem and many think Long is the solution. However, Long hasn’t taken any game reps at right tackle so a transition may not be as smooth. But some think Long will be fine:

Long has quickly become the best offensive lineman on the team despite some issues in during his time at Oregon in college. But Long has been anything but a problem for the Bears and if the team wants to have success this season, the 26-year-old could be one of the biggest keys.

If Long can play well and the team gets solid play from Matt Slauson and Will Montgomery, it will go a long way. The question of who replaces Long at guard if he moves to tackle will loom and could come back to hurt the Bears. The running game could take a big hit due to some inexperience with Long’s replacement. However, it also gives the Bears some nice protection for Cutler.

Long will look to build off his success so far in the NFL and if he can sustain it, the Bears could be in good shape on the line for the future.


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