Most important Chicago Bears for 2015: No. 2 Alshon Jeffery

We are another day closer to kickoff and that means another player on our most important Bears list for the 2015 season. Read about this offensive player as we near the end of the countdown.

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Alshon Jeffery

Now before you tell us that we are stating the obvious of Jeffery being an important player, we are stressing that he’s really important to this team.

Can Alshon Jeffery be the Bears number one receiver?
Can Alshon Jeffery be the Bears number one receiver?

But it may not just be Jeffery’s play that will have Bears fans worried. Instead it could be the health of the fourth year receiver who is dealing with a hamstring injury. With Jeffery ailing and being listed day-to-day for over two weeks, one has to wonder how healthy he really is. There’s even a chance he could miss the week one game versus Green Bay and if he plays, he may not be 100 percent.

When the Bears traded Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets in the offseason, Jeffery had number on receiver written all over him. He’s worked with Marshall in the offseason, been a teammate of his for three years and has shown signs he’s ready to take it to the next level. He was actually one of the bright spots on the Bears roster this year.

In training camp Jeffery performed well. He beat everyone the defense lined him up against and even double coverage at times. But then the hamstring injury surfaced and we have no idea what to expect this season.

Jeffery’s role, if healthy, in this offense will be big. He will be the primary target for Jay Cutler and his success could determine the Bears success this season. As Jeffery attracts opposing defenses top cornerbacks, he will open up some opportunities for guys like Eddie Royal and Marquess Wilson. So it’s not just Jeffery getting the ball and making plays that’s important. It’s his actual presence in the offense that’s going to take the biggest hit if he can’t play well this season.

As Jeffery is scheduled to become a free agent after this season, one has to wonder what type of deal he will get from the Bears. He’s certainly earned another contract with the team and is considered the receiver of the future for the rebuilding Bears. With guys like AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones and Demariyous Thomas receiving large contracts, Jeffery is playing for his.

In a year that the Bears are expected to struggle, Jeffery could be one of the lone bright spots on this offense.


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