Most important Chicago Bears for 2015: No. 1 Kyle Fuller

Rejoice! Chicago Bears football is finally back! Today we end our countdown of the most important Bears for the 2015 season as we have reached kickoff. Find out who we think is the most important player.

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Kyle Fuller

Yes, a corner back tops our list of the most important Bears for the 2015 season. It was easy listing Fuller on our list, but placing him at number one took some time to think about. The corner is entering his second year in the NFL after getting off to a hot start in 2014. But Fuller’s season slowed down as he was plagued by injuries and we didn’t see a lot of improvement.

Kyle Fuller will be the Bears number one cornerback this season.
Kyle Fuller will be the Bears number one cornerback this season.

With Charles Tillman in Carolina and now Tim Jennings in Tampa Bay, Fuller moves right into the number one corner slot on a new 3-4 base defense the Bears will run.

Fuller struggled last season and was targeted heavily by opposing quarterbacks towards the end of the season. The rookie cornerback didn’t adjust and in the end looked bad at times. But 2015 is a new season and the Bears are going to need Fuller to progress this season and show what he can do. If not, it could get ugly for the Bears secondary who is starting four new players this season.

Fuller’s importance to the new 3-4 defense can not be stressed enough. If Chicago’s defense wants to improve off of two-straight disasters of a season, Fuller will need to play well. He will be matched up with opposing team’s top receivers all game long, and will face some of the best receivers in the NFL this season. If Fuller can’t play tight coverage, it’s going to be a problem.

If not, it could be a long and painful season for the Bears defense.


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