Bruce Arians was ‘shocked’ he didn’t get Bears head coaching job

There once was a time where Bruce Arians interviewed to be the head coach of the  Chicago Bears.

Now two seasons later the current Arizona Cardinals coach is coming off of a playoff appearance and a NFL Coach of the Year Award. He also has the Cardinals primed for a run at the NFC West division title. The Bears meanwhile, hired Marc Trestman who turned out to be a disaster.

As the Cardinals (1-0)  prepare for their game against the Bears (0-1) Sunday at Soldier Field, Arians was asked about his interview process and if he was shocked he didn’t get the job as ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson reports:

“Yeah. I was [surprised],” Arians said. “I thought when I left, I said, ‘I don’t think anything could’ve been any better throughout the whole day.’ And I didn’t look back thinking I did anything wrong in any way. It was just their decision.”

In October of 2014, Chicago Tribune contributor Mike Mulligan wrote that Arians wasn’t happy that the Bears wanted him to do a mock press conference in the interview process. Despite everything else going right according to Arians that day, the Bears still weren’t sold.

Who knows what would have happened if the Bears would have hired Arians, but it didn’t happen. Jay Cutler had some praise for Arians on Wednesday as he told Arizona media “I loved the guy.”  Cutler also commented on how Arians is a player-friendly coach. Arians felt the same way as he told Chicago media Cutler is the “most-misunderstood player in the league.”

The Bears might get the chance to see what they missed out on when the Cardinals and Bears kickoff at noon on Sunday.



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