NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears drop to the bottom

It’s pretty much rock bottom for the Chicago Bears.

The team is currently 0-2 after an embarrassing performance against the Arizona Cardinals, lost starting quarterback Jay Cutler and will face a hungry 0-2 Seattle Seahawks team on the road. So yeah, things aren’t looking good.

Many publications don’t think it’s going good either for the Bears as you can tell by the power rankings below:


ESPN has the Bears dropping five spots from last week’s rankings to number 32 on the list. Yep, dead last.

The Bears’ defense is picking up where it left off. Chicago has allowed the most points in the NFL this season after allowing the most points from 2013-14.

CBS Sports

Like ESPN, CBS Sports thinks the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Unlike ESPN, they don’t think they are the worst as they have the Bears dropping five spots to number 30.

It’s going to be a long season. The defense isn’t much better, which puts a ton of pressure on the offense.

Elliot Harrison has updated his power rankings for week three and he also has the Bears dead last. Harrison drops them five spots to number 32.

Well, through two games, we know the defense is not up to par. The Bears have allowed 79 points — 13 more than the next closest team. And now Jay Cutler is hurt, too. So let’s throw some positive energy out there. The famous 1985 Chicago outfit gave up 28 in Week 1 and 24 in Week 3, and that squad turned it around. Just saying.

FOX Sports

It’s officially a trending theme. Add FOX Sports to the list of publications that think the Bears are the worst team in the NFL as they are ranked 32nd.

Chicago’s secondary was exposed in Week 2 and the offense stalled once quarterback Jay Cutler was forced from the game due to a hamstring injury. If Cutler misses time, and he is expected to, the Bears could struggle to stay competitive.


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