BREAKING: Attorney for accuser in Patrick Kane case quits

The Patrick Kane case took another weird turn on Thursday night.

Just a day after Thomas Eoannou, the accuser’s attorney, held a press conference to state that evidence in the rape kit was tampered with and dropped off at the mother’s house, he has quit the case. Eoannou made the announcement during a press conference Thursday not.

According to The Score:

“This afternoon, we met with investigators from the District Attorney’s Office in cooperation with their investigations,” Eoannou told reporters.

“After conferring with the District Attorney’s Office, my office has continued its own investigation into the circumstances surrounding the finding of the evidence bag,” he said. “This evening, information was provided to my office which established misrepresentations were made to me about the facts concerning the discovery of the rape evidence bag.”

Eoannou also stated that this decision doesn’t change what he believes from the woman. “This does not in any way reflect upon what occurred on the night in question….I don’t disbelieve (woman),” Eoannou said in his press conference.

The Erie County District Attorney will hold a press conference tomorrow as more information could be released. Kane has yet to be charged in the case.


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One thought on “BREAKING: Attorney for accuser in Patrick Kane case quits

  • September 24, 2015 at 10:38 PM

    Shady from the start. Seems like that family are watching ID channel too much or Ray Donovan. I smell a bunch of rats

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